January 2002 - Anaconda

It has taken me 2 and a half years to get my Zuk to the point where I felt ready to tackle Anaconda   7 of us gathered early Saturday morning off of Table Mesa Rd.  I took a moment to fix a steering problem that had been hindering me for a while, I had my pitman arm indexed wrong so I could not turn very well to the drivers side.  We pulled out of the busy parking lot about 10am.  There was a group of rigs going to Judgment Day and the Mesa 4 Wheelers were going to tackle the Terminators.  Before I forget, hats off to all those who participated in the Table Mesa cleanup last weekend, the area looked great!

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Anaconda is a tight and twisty trail that snakes it's way thru the valley to the right of the Terminators.  It consists of a series of waterfalls, hill climbs and a few tight sections to squeeze thru.

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The first waterfall.  Check out Brian's new front clip.

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The second fall.

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Brian coming up the second fall.

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Jim struggled on some of the climbs, even with 4:1 transfer case gears and 4.57 ring and pinions he was hurting for gears.  He tried the obstacle a couple times and then wisely called for the strap. I think Brian had higher gears but he was using the gas pedal to make up for it.  This is definitely a trail where if you can't move slow it's going to be difficult.  

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Jay's Toyota.

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Followed by Jack.

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Here's the first tough obstacle.  You need to climb the chute and avoid an 8 foot deep hole at the top.

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I can see where full width axles would make this a very difficult section.

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And if you make it to the top your not out of the woods yet, I had some fun trying to get over theses boulders.

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Erik's Frankensammy coming up the chute.  He had enough flex to dip his front tire in the hole. 

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Brian's first line was a little too far to the right.   He nailed it on the second try.

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The diff grabbers at the top of the chute.  Just about everyone needed a push or pull here.

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Jim made the climb look easy, skinny is good here.

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