May 2002 - Predator

We started Predator bright and early Monday morning, one vehicle short from the original group.  

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Predator is pretty much non-stop obstacles.  I believe some of the local 4 wheelers unstacked it a while ago so it was fun. 

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Pictures from the first section of trail.

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The notch was the only spot that looked like someone had built a road.  There were a lot of rocks in the notch, enough that you didn't have to climb the walls to get threw.  With a bypass right next to the obstacle I just can't understand why there would be any rocks in this spot.  If you don't want body damage, go around it.

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Like I said, we squeezed everybody thru.

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Here's a shot of the guys making a repair to John's spare tire carrier, he drug it on the rocks in the first picture.

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A fun little twisty section.

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This giant cube shaped boulder is a new obstacle on the trail.  Erik and I had enough flex to go right over it, everyone else skirted it.

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This next section was hell on the tires as you'll see below.

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Paul made it thru but slit one of his MTR's open towards the end.  A few tire plugs and he was back in business.

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He also caught his rear window on a branch.

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I believe Alan had already lost the bead or cut open 3 of his BFG's by this point.  On this obstacle he sheared off a piece of the valve stem on the front and rear drivers side tires.  The rear one went flat but the front one just had a slow leak so they swapped out his plugged spare.  I have a feeling there are some TSL's in Alan's future :)

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