Jack's 04 Rock Buggy
Chassis 5% Toyota Frame, 90% 1.625 DOM,  108" Wheelbase
Motor Ford 5.0L V8
Trans C4 W/ Manual Valve Body, Art Carr 2400 Stall TC
T-Case Two Speed Stak Transfer Case
Front Axle D60, 5.13 Gears, ARB, Chromoly Axles
Rear Axle D60, 5.13 Gears, Welded Spider Gears
Tires 40" Sticky Maxxis CC's on 17" Walker Evans Beadlocks
Suspension 4 Link Front w/ 16" Sway-away Coilovers
  4 Link Rear w/ 16" Sway-away coilovers
Weight KOH Trim (Spare, Tools, etc) - 4047lbs.
  2008 KOH - 9th Place Finish
  2009 KOH - 16th Place Finish

These first few pictures are from December 2001.  Jack's rig started as an 85 Toyota 4 Runner with 326,000 miles on the odometer.

Eventually the only thing really holding Jack back from running really hard trails was the sheet metal.  Sometime around Jan-Feb 2002 the first transformation began.  Jack utilized all his original running gear, frame and suspension but eliminated all the stock sheet metal except for the hood, front fenders and firewall.

After just over a year of hard usage Jack had already started collecting parts for his next upgrade.

The new rig will utilize the front portion of a Toyota frame, his original motor, tranny, and t-cases.  The axles are full width Dana 60's with the rear located via a triangulated 4 link and coilovers.  The front suspension will be a spring over shackle reverse like before.  

The finished product.

After years of trusty service Jack has retired his Toyota drive train in early 2006.  The 22RE, transmission and Toyota transfer cases will be replaced with an 1986 5.0l motor, a C4 automatic transmission and a Stak 2 speed transfer case. Also on tap for this re-fresh is a new link suspension up front.ansfer case. Also on tap for this re-fresh is a new link suspension up front.