Technical Articles


4x4 Articles

July 2004 4x4 Builder Part 1

Sept 2004 4x4 Builder Part 2

Jun 2007 - Prolific Club Article

4 Link by the Numbers

Building a Zuk

Chassis Fabrication Tools

Zuk to Buggy

Link Suspension Primer


Trail Fixes



3/4 Ton Brake Upgrade

Dana 60 Swap

14 Bolt Rear End

Toyota Axle Swap

Toyota Axle Housing

Toyota Knuckle Studs

Toyota Hub Upgrades



Front Fender Removal

Tubing the Back

Repairs after Rollover

Rocker Panel Protection

Roll Cage

Weight Loss




Suzuki 1.6l 16v Motor Swap

GM S/C 3.8L Motor Info

Ported M90 Blower Housing

K&N Filter

Suzuki 1.3l Motor Work

Rebuilt 1.3l Motor

D300 Case Support

StaK D300 Replace-a-Case

StaK Replace-a-Case Support

Transfer Case Spine



Buggy Lights

Fan Controller



Axle Winching

Buggy Fuel System

Buggy Brake Lines

Tires - Baja Claws

Tire Ballast (Water)

Tires - 42" Irok's

Tire Grooving


Trailer Modifications

6000lb Winch Mounting






Projects (in order)

Project Money Pit

Project Bottomless Money Pit

Project Hellraiser

Project Hellraiser 4

Project Built to Cruise

Project Hellraiser 3

Supercharged 2002 325i

Project 4Runner



Full Hydro Steering

Full Hydro Steering Pt II

1.3l Power Steering Bracket

Saginaw P/S Pump

Toyota Steering Box Rebuild

Steering U-joint Upgrade



4 Link Coilover Rear

4 Link by the Numbers

Link Suspension Primer

Link Materials

Nitrogen Air Bumps

Shock Valving

YJ Springs (Zuk Axles)

YJ Springs (Toy Axles)